When the leading actresses of Bollywood are moving abroad and setting a firm foot into Hollywood industry, Kangana Ranaut bigs to differ.

After revelation by Sonam Kapoor about her future in Hollywood, Kangana Ranaut gave a statement to a leading channel saying “It would be stupid for anyone to make the move to the West now. Their theatre business is crashing because of the influx of digital media. Asia, on the other hand, is where Hollywood was 15 years ago. It is a lucrative time for entertainment here. These are baits that I won’t fall prey to.”

Miss Ranaut is appreciated for her remarkable acting skills and bold roles. She believes that Bollywood has the potential to be at power with Hollywood. Not only does Kangana think that the Hollywood industry is silly, she also thinks that home-bred films should be given preference. Kangana further adds, ” If an American film (The Jungle Book, 2016) is doing Rs 100 crore business, and not all our films are able to, we may not find adequate screens for home-bred films 10 years down the line.I’m all for world cinema, but it needs to be a film that brings employment and money into our country. I don’t wish to offer myself on a platter to another industry. ”

Talking on the work front, Kangs is making headlines with her character ‘Julia’ in Vishal Bharadwaj’s upcoming project ‘Rangoon’.