sonam neerjaOn a fateful day dated 5th September 1986, a Pan-Am flight took off from Delhi and halted at Karachi, when four terrorists dressed as security personnel pushed themselves into the flight and Hijacked it. Neerja Bhanot, a 23 year old flight attendant, who headed the team of crew members of the same flight, fought bravely with these terrorists and saved lives of numerous passengers travelling along side Neerja.

A biopic of the brave heart is made and Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor is playing the lead role- Neerja Bhanot. Due to her courageous act many lives were saved but unfortunately Neerja had to bear several bullets in order to protect three children from gunfire.

To get her act on spot, Sonam did a lot of research by meeting the near-and-dear ones of Neerja. The PRDP actress met Neerja’s mother Rama Bhanot to know more about Neerja before setting feet in her shoes. When the duo met for the first time she said, ‘Yeh toh meri laaddo hai.’ (She is my daughter) but then she immediately added, ‘but my daughter was prettier’.

For a mother who lost her dear daughter, these heart-wrenching lines justify her love, which she still carries for her. Sonam said that she was stunned at Neerja’s mother’s response and was touched by her gesture.

In the recently released video, by the production house (The making of Neerja), Sonam recalled the incident and said that is put a lot of pressure on her to do justice to her role.

In the movie ‘Neerja’ Shabana Azmi will be seen essaying the role of Rama Bhanot. Directed by Ram Madhvani, the movie is set to release on theatre on 9th February, 2016.