ajay devgn

The muscle man of Bollywood, Ajay Devgn, has never done a cameo appearance in films, but there’s always a first time!

Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor requested his close buddy Ajay Devgn to do a cameo in his upcoming film ‘Fitoor’ and surprisingly, the actor agreed.

While it is known that Ajay is doing a cameo in the film, it can now be confirmed that although his screen time is just a ‘few minutes’, his character definitely has an impact on the story and its characters.

A source close to the production team said, “Ajay plays Aditya’s godfather. In the film, Aditya plays a painter and Ajay comes at a juncture where Adi needs him. He is more like a godfather to Adi who buys all his paintings and makes him famous.” In the 1998 Hollywood version, De Niro had played the part.

Well, the first ‘Fitoor’ trailer is out and we cannot deny to the fact that it’s as magical as ever! The white snow falling over the landscape…Katrina Kaif’s flaming red fair, Aditya Roy Kapur going shirtless, Tabu’s mysterious performance…And of course, Kashmir, looking heavenly as always!

The romantic scenes between Katrina and Aditya is intense and passionate, and of course, sensuous. There are some heavy duty emotional scenes, and Aditya Roy’s outburst scene is fantastic!