Ever since the first promo of the song ‘Pinga…’ released, few people from the Maharashtrian community, including the descendants of the Maratha warrior Bajirao Peshwa, have been protesting against the song, claiming distortion of historical and cultural facts.

According to the reports of a media daily, a protest meet has been organised by the community in Pune on December 12, 2015. The protestors will demand the elimination of the songs – ‘Pinga’ and ‘Malhari’ from the public domain and have also demanded that the film should be reviewed by historians and Peshwa descendants prior to its release. The meet is likely to be witnessed by over 300 people.

Not only this, a Mumbai based professor, who had conducted a research on Maharashtrian folk dance said not just choreography but even the costumes worn by the actors in the Pinga were all wrong. According to him, the choreographer has mixed Lavani with Pinga but the final result is disappointing.

Pune-based historian added that there was no proof available which mentioned that Mastani and Kashibai performed the Pinga together.

We wonder, what scale would ‘Bajiao Mastani’ end up at, if these 2 big budget songs, which have been talk of the town, get eliminated?