If Hrithik Roshan is being featured in a song, people are bound to expect him dance, given that the actor has some flawless moves. However, when ‘Dheere Dheere’ single released, many people including his fans were disappointed that the actor isn’t seen showcasing his dancing talent.

While many concluded that this was a slow number and hence there was not much to dance, many argued that he could have done some International dance form like a Waltz or Salsa!

But what people aren’t aware is the real reason as to why we didn’t see Duggu showing off those sexy moves!

We have learnt from our sources that Hrithik was down with some back pain and it was difficult for him to perform. And hence choreographer Ahmed Khan decided to keep it simple for our Greek God!

“Hrithik was down with severe backache and he was struggling to even walk. In fact, the shoot took longer than it should have because he was unwell. But it was very sporting of him to do the shoot and complete it despite of back pain,” reveals our source.