pyaar ka punchnama 2

Pyaar Ka Punchnama made a lot of money for its producer by being completely sexist and looking at life from one side only – the boys’ side. Their rants and rues about being tortured and tormented made a vamp out of every woman. Undoubtedly, it gave men a chance to chest thump about playing the victim card. Nobody bothered to tell them that their bad decisions got them to that position…but then what the hell.

However, the makers were not content with just one film and have thus come up with a sequel to the same. While the trailer will release tomorrow, the teaser easily sets the tune of what to expect which will be yet another women-bashing bonanza!
Remember the 22-minute monologue by a frustrated Karthik Aryan from the first film? Well, the teaser takes a piece of that chunk and announces that it is for those who didn’t get it the first time.

Although they were pretty LOUD and clear in the first, the makers guess felt there will be some who didn’t get the hint. Which is? ‘Problem ye hai ki woh ladki hai!’ Guess that tells you everything about what to expect from the film.

So if by any chance you didn’t realise why girls are the biggest problem, wait for this sequel to release. Till then you can check out this teaser!