After being questioned a million of times about marriage, Katrina Kaif has finally come up a well-thought answer to dodge the question.

During the promotions of her upcoming movie ‘Phantom’, Kat was again asked about her wedding plans yet again to her beau Ranbir Kapoor. The actress immediately quipped saying, “As I was presuming what question you were going to ask me and you did ask me, I was thinking I would come up with a very good answer for this. I will get married once I win the National Award.”
She further added, “Even if the film wins a National Award, and not I personally, still I would get settled down.”

Katrina even said that both of them havn’t thought anything about their life beyond cinema at the moment, as they are focused on attaining stability and acquiring better opportunities in the Bollywood industry.

Well! That was definitely a witty one Katrina!