A couple of months ago, there was a great deal of speculation about Nikhil Advani having signed Hrithik Roshan for a film tentatively titled ‘Bazaar’, despite having any official announcement. Sources close to the project informs that the actor has so far remained non-committal, keeping the director on the tenterhooks.

“Nikhil met him some time ago and casually mentioned his next project to him. Hrithik liked the concept and showed interest to do the film. So, ever since Nikhil has been waiting for him to devote time for a detailed discussion on the script. The film revolves around the stock exchange market and will require two heroes. So, once he gets Hrithik’s nod, he can go ahead with the casting for the other actor,” says the source.

It is said that the crew wants to start pre-production on the film after Nikhil’s two back-to-back directorial ventures, Katti Batti and Hero, hit the theatres. However, since the cast is yet to be finalised, they have put the plans on hold.

Nikhil remained unavailable for comment. A source close to the project says, “Hrithik has liked the concept and will most likely sign the film. He is known to focus on one film at a time and once he wraps up Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro, he will meet Nikhil.”