salman khanWe all know Salman Khan love for little kidds. Everybody loved watching the intense bond that Salman Khan shared with little girl Harshali Malhotra in his latest blockbuster ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. It seems that this movie has created a whole new set of fans for Salman Khan.

We recently saw a little girl cry her heart out when she said “I love Salman Khan”. Here is another cutie who says she wants to marry Salman Khan.
In the video 3 year old ‘Nitya’ is seen telling her mom that she loves Salman Khan and wishes to marry him. She says to her mom, “Like my dad is your husband, Salman will be mine.”

Well, Salman never disappoints his fans, especially the little, adorable ones. Salman shared the video on Facebook saying “How Sweet”.
Watch it for yourself here.