Before you assume it as a dig, have a look at the entire story!

Rumors and conjectures of Katrina and Ranbir’s marriage are doing rounds since…like eternity, maybe. But the lovebirds have time and again maintained that they are not engaged. 

The ‘Phantom’ actress revealed that her marriage would be a big event and right now there is no marriage on the cards.
While interacting with renowned media house, Kat said, “It’s a little difficult for me to understand that why would anyone try to hide their engagement or a wonderful thing such as marriage. Nobody will do that, unless the person is extremely private, like Mr. Aditya Chopra may. Like I don’t know when he got engaged. But that’s not me or Ranbir.”

“What is marriage after all? Beyond all the rituals, it’s a celebration of two people coming together. So, a celebration won’t be a secret. I definitely want my wedding to be a big event. There is so no doubt about it. It’s just not happening now. And I don’t understand why people get so excited about an actor’s wedding or why do they want a woman to get married off quickly? Are we trying to say that every woman’s destiny is only to get married? I am tired of saying the same thing, but still, there will be false reports of us getting married. It’s weird!” added Katrina.