Shahid Kapoor tied the knot with the lovely Mira Rajput in a grand ceremony, amidst glitz and glamour, in July. However, the newly wedded couple could not leave for their honeymoon immediately as Shahid was busy with his movie assignments and his TV show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’. 

Recently, the couple was seen taking off to London and we all assumed that they are catching up on their long pending honeymoon! However, news has it that there is more to this trip than the honeymoon. 
A little birdie tells us that Shahid and Mira, who are part of the Radha Swami relegious group, are in London to meet their ‘Guru’. Apparently, Shahid and Mira, along with their families rushed to London to attend a religious program. 
A source spilled the beans saying, “Shahid and Mira have come for Satsang with the whole family. They were both pleasant and sweet and were seated in a corner where they could not be bothered by the crowd. The Guru invited them up to the stage to sing a song. Firstly, Mira’s father sang a song, then Guru Ji asked Mira and Shahid to sing. Mira told Shahid to sing “Tu mere agal bagal main”. Shahid, who was surprised by his wife’s request joked about it and told the audience that my wife wants me to sing this song. However, he did give in and sang the song with Mira miming it all the way. When he sang the ‘Father’ part of the song every including Guru Ji laughed!”

Well, isn’t that the sweetest news of the day?