all is well

The film falls flat thanks to a weak script and cliched characters!

All Is Well is such a drag that all you want to do is write a message to the director saying, “Get Well Soon.” But we will let you know how the film pans out.

What’s it about:

Inder (Abhishek Bachchan) never had a great relationship with his father Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor) since he always saw him fight with his mother Parminder (Supriya Pathak). His hatred for his father grows and one fine day, Bhalla throws him out of the house in a fit of rage. Inder lands in Bangkok where he is struggling to make a music career but he needs money to do so. That’s when he gets a call from local gunda-moneylender Cheema (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub Khan) to come back to take his share in his father’s land. The lure of money brings him to India but he realises that he is tricked. Bhalla has taken a lot of money from Cheema and the only way to return it is by signing off their bakery to Cheema and Bhalla is hellbent against doing that. Since Inder is part owner of the same, he is called to sign the papers as well. Thus begins a cliched ride of realisations and discoveries with a message to love thy parents at the end.

What’s Hot:

Looking for a needle in this stale piece if hay will be quite a feat but surprisingly, there are a couple. For one, it is really sincere of Shukla to show two sides of the same coin. A broken home can wreak havoc in a kid’s life. Fighting in front of the kid scars him for life and that drives the kid away from their parents. So this generation gap is as much the parents’ fault as it is of the kid’s. Shukla toils to drive this point home and it is magical that he manages to drill it into our head.

Second one is Sonakshi Sinha’s farattedar item track Nacha Farrate. She catches your eye with her thumkas just right which is the only thing that’s entertaining.

What’s not:

For one, a story on generation gap looks very stale on screen. It definitely is very much a reality but a film on those lines is not what people today are looking for.

Abhishek Bachchan seems completely lost in the film. He is a complete misfit in the sequence where he fights with Rishi Kapoor for money to go abroad. He looks too old for a boy who just got his graduation degree.

Rishi Kapoor overdoes the punjabi act and Supriya Pathak gets wasted again! As for Asin who plays his ladylove, well, she was plain irritating. No girl in today’s time would cling humiliatingly to a man who clearly has no intentions of marrying her.

The story is so dull you wish for the interval to come soon in the first half and the end in the second half. Shukla takes us to the late 90s and early 2000 when Punjabis were stereotyped as loud, brash and gaudy.


Your ‘well’ness is in your hands. Watch it if you absolutely have to!