Sidharth Malhotra stunned all his fans with his phenomenal performance in ‘Brothers’. In the film, we see Sid doing some hard core action scenes and is also pitted against B-town’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar.

While many of them initially couldn’t believe that Rhe cute boy from ‘Student Of The Year’ could do action, since the release of the film’s promos, things seemed to have been in his favour. Critics and masses appreciated his efforts and performance.
Ask him if that has boosted his confidence to try action films and he admits, “Yes I think with this more so because I worked a lot on the look in the movie. I tried to be something that I am not. That risk taking of doing a role which has no girl, more action and grey shade, something opposite to what I am in real life, has paid off. Especially the action bit. People could finally believe that I can hit. It pays off to try something which is completely off my image. I took the plunge and it is exciting as well as satisfactory.”
Sid adds, “The time taken to prep for the role was worth it. The response is encouraging and it has given me confidence to try more action films.”

‘Brothers’ also collected 52 crores in the opening weekend, highest for Sidharth. Ask him if he was expecting this kind of response and he says, “Yes, we were expecting it to be good. There were enough indications about it ever since the trailer released. Also, I have many reasons to be happy. I came after an year since ‘Ek Villain’ released and there was a want in people to see me. Now I feel I am into the Bollywood box office game and I am trying to be excited.”

Meanwhile, Sidharth is now gearing up for his next film ‘Kapoor and Sons’ opposite Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt, followed by director Nitya Mehra’s ‘Kal Jisne Dekha’ alongside Katrina Kaif.
Way to go Sid!