twinkle khanna book launchConsidering that it was an evening to celebrate Bollywood beauty Twinkle Khanna’s now fabled quick wit and ready tongue, the repartee that each B-town star bounced off the other was cheeky, to say the least. So cheeky, infact that the air was quite blue with insults.

Here are the 10 best insults of the evening:

1. All of us have different abilities, Twinkle’s is insulting people: Aamir Khan

2. Twinkle is the only person to scar my childhood: Karan Johar

3. I contributed to Twinkle’s marriage because she married Akshay after Mela flopped: Aamir

4. Twinkle is like my film Baby, deadly mission with a happy ending: Akshay Kumar

5. She sounds like she should be banned already: Karan Johar

6. Film title for Twinkle would be – Hunterwaali: Aamir Khan

7. He cries during movies just like Aamir: Twinkle on Akshay

8. My other names could have been Sparkle and Sprinkle. We don’t ask my mother for names: Twinkle

9. Twinkle made a list of why she wanted to marry me. The list was a genetic one – whether diseases run in the family: Akshay

10. I worried she wouldn’t make it as a writer. I told her just because everyone likes to watch cricket doesn’t mean they can play: Aamir Khan