We all know that this time, the Indian monsoon has gotten off to a late start. But we’re glad it’s here for the romance it brings. Even as we struggle to commute through it, we’re bundles of mush thinking about pakodas – and the people we’d like to eat them with. Here’s what our perfect monsoon dates look like.

1.Walk Through The Greys: A lengthy walk is great for your pocket, your waistline, and your relationship.


2.Long Drive: It’s just not possible to drive around the city. One must go to the outskirts or beyond.


3.Chai Time: A warm, steamy beverage holds the promise of future such meetings.


4.Take A Dip: Swimming in an actual pool (the kind not born out of municipal incompetence) is particularly fun in the rain.


5.Pajama Party: A bed with blankets, a movie, and some comfort food are magic when there’s lightning outside.


6.Get Adventurous: A trek or white-water rafting is perfect to get your adrenaline going.

6 adventure

7.In A Bookstore: There’s nothing quite as romantic as being lost in the fragrance of dog-eared volumes, watching the dew race along the window.

7 books

8.Board Games: The more, the merrier applies to this as the fun multiplies with each roll of die.

8 board-games-

9.Shopping Spree: Cheer up bae with something they don’t know you bought on sale.

9 shopping

10.Get Drenched: Pizza is better soaked in olive oil, and you too, are happier, if you step out to enjoy the rain without a fuss.

10 drenched