The trailer of Vikas Bahl’s upcoming romantic drama was launched at a grand event today!
At the film’s trailer launch the Shaandaar duo were at their zany best! Their chemistry at the launch spoke volumes about how they got along like a house on fire while shooting for the film. 

Here’s a look at some Shaandaar confessions Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor made about each other at the trailer launch…

1. Alia is faintom

Shahid revealed that Alia fainted a couple of times while shooting for Shaandaar. He said, “Alia is a faintom. Ye bahut jaldi faint ho jati hain! ” He recollected an instance where Alia fell unconscious in the middle of a conversation with Vikas Bahl while he was explaining a scene to her. Shahid even made fun of how Alia would faint without any warning at the drop of a hat. All the leg pulling bore testimony to the crazy rapport Sasha and Alia developed while shooting for the film.

2. Alia used to lecture me the whole time

Sasha also revealed that more that Alia learning from him it was he who was constantly lectured on the sets of me film. He said, “Alia is a new age actor and I am old age so I just kept asking her if I am doing cool acting!” Shahid said that after every scene that they would can Alia would give him suggestions or advice on how to do it better! Obviously Alia was all riled up after hearing what Shahid said but all she could do was laugh hysterically.

3. Shahid would work out a lot in general

Alia revealed that during the shoot of the film it wasn’t just her who trained hard for her bikini shot. The pretty lady said, “I trained hard for my bikini. It was not supposed to be an elaborate bikini but I had worked so hard that Vikas had to do a proper bikini shot. Shahid and I used to work out together” So that is why Alia and Shahid will look yummy in the film, because they have pumped some serious iron!

4. Shahid made Shaandaar and Udta Punjab happen for me

Alia and Sasha revealed a major detail about how she signed Shaandaar and then Udta Punjab opposite Mira Rajput’s hubby. Shahid told the media that after reading the script of Udta she called up Sasha, crying and giving her green signal to the project. Alia further said that “Shahid is my angel” in the entire scheme of things! How sweet!

5. Both Kareena and Alia are fantastic in their own right
Shahid handled the inevitable question about comparisons between his ex Kareena Kapoor and his co-star Alia really well. Sasha quipped, “This is a compliment for Alia as she is compared with Kareena. Both are phenomenal. Alia is on her own journey, making brave choices at a really young age.” He said that he thinks both the actresses have their individual talent to be proud of and are fantastic in their own right. He said that the only similarity between them is that he is working on love stories with both of them. He also felt that it was a huge compliment for Alia to be compared with a star like Bebo who has established herself in the business. Well played, Sasha!

6. We didn’t really ride any horses for the horse riding sequence

If you have seen the trailer you will see that it has a horse riding sequence with the lead actors. Sasha revealed that for that particular scene neither he nor Alia sat on actual horses. Turns out that they only sat on barrels suspended on bungee cables, pretending like they were riding real horses. Sasha said, “We didn’t really ride any horses for the horse riding sequence. We were just sitting on drums and pretending to be horse riding so please clap for us guys because we made it look real!” Vikas added to that revelation saying that Alia and Sasha sat on real horses for barely 3 seconds of the shooting. Are you surprised?

7. Shahid is the first Piscean I am fond of
At the trailer launch, Sasha and Alia’s electric chemistry was no surprise to us. When asked about Sasha’s most Shaandaar quality Alia said that they both share the same birthday month and that he is the only Piscean ever that she has got along with! She said, “For me it ( doing Shaandaar with Shahid) was a big deal because I have been a big adorer or Shahid’s work. I am seen him since his debut in Ishq Vishk. He is the first piscean I am fond of.” And how glad we are for that!

8. Shaandaar is a two hero film

Well, this is more of a LOL confessions that Shahid made as a joke. In the trailer we see Alia sporting a moustache drew on her face. When quizzed about the same Sasha quickly jumped in and said that Shaandaar is a two hero film! He probably also meant that unlike other films, both Alia and he have equal parts in the film and the actress is not just an eye candy!

9. Alia in Shaandaar is very intelligent and she has all the facts in place

Now this is a revelation Alia made about herself during the launch. Alia has relentlessly been made fun of in the past for being not so in sync with the general happenings of the world ( cough GK cough) But before someone could pull her up for that at the trailer launch Alia quickly redeemed herself saying that nobody should ask her any questions about it. She joked, “My character Alia in the film is very intelligent and she has all her facts in place. So don’t ask me any questions!” Let’s just say that it was a boss move on Ms Bhatt’s part!

10. Alia developed an unusually special bond with my dad during the film

Shahid’s dad Pankaj Kapur who is a method actor plays Alia’s dad in Shaandaar. Hence he doesn’t share a pally equation with Sasha’s character in the film. Sasha revealed that during the shoot, his dad spent way more time with his leading lady than him! He said, “Dad used to get jealous when Alia would talk to me because he was in character all the time. He would just give me a cursory smile here and there but with Alia he would sit and have long conversations!”
So these were some fun, hilarious and interesting revelations Alia and Shahid made about each other at the Shaandaar trailer launch! Are you all the more excited to watch this couple set fire to movie screens with their chemistry?