There is no doubt in a fact that Bollywood star Salman Khan has a massive fan following. Not only this, there are millions of them who look up to him. However, Salman’s father Salim Khan, holds a different opinion all together.

During his recent interview, Khan’s father said, “Salman is definitely not a role model for his brothers or anyone.” Isn’t this strange? Justifying his statement, Salim Khan said, “Salman has always lived a very unstructured life without following any pattern.”

He also said, “The problem with Salman is that, all the girls who came in his life were film stars. When they came in his life, their first ambition wasn’t to get married to him and have kids. Their ambition was to reach the top.”

We wonder whom Salman’s father is talking about, as almost all of Salman’s ex-flames from Sangeeta Bijlani to Katrina Kaif, fit into this list.