Bollywood heartthrob Akshay Kumar is known for his witty remarks. And here’s the new one! 
The actor, during the recent promotional event for their upcoming movie ‘Brothers’, made another clever comment, but not everyone got it.

While interacting with the media, when asked that Sidharth has a thing for older women, on-screen referring to ‘Mary’, the ‘Ek Villian’ actor looked shocked and taken aback. But then remarked, “Of course I am a big fan. Why will I not move when Kareena Kapoor smiles? I was her slave,” Sid said.

However then, Akshay prompted that Sidharth should keep a “Saif” distance from Kareena, a joke Jacqueline didn’t comprehend. Lol!

Akshay candidly said, “With Jacqueline, we have to write a joke and give it to her. She takes it home, she reads it, then thinks over it and then next day, she is like, ‘Oh ya! This is what they meant’.”

Keeping Jacqueline’s slow sense of humor aside, Akki’s remark for Sid was definitely a good good one!