shahrukh khan

Bollywood’s reigning superstar and father of three kids, Shah Rukh Khan, is surely an excellent parent. Though his kids Aryan and Suhana are teenagers, the actor has a tad bit trouble while keeping up with the teen lingo.

During an interview with a leading magazine, Shah Rukh confessed of learning new terms and lingo form his kids. He candidly said, “The words they use are different. I still don’t know the difference between going out, making out, hanging out, dating. So I will say ‘who are you dating?’ And they will say ‘Papa, I am not dating, I am hanging out.’ Confused, I will ask ‘so do you go around’ and they will say ‘Papa, don’t say going around or having affairs. We are dating.”

Well Shah Rukh, we can definitely understand what confusion you go through!